Writer's Block Killer

You would like to finish your text, but instead all you can do is stare at the blinking cursor on your screen. A writer’s block.


The Writer’s Block Killer® will take care of that. Turn over one of the cards and take ten minutes to do the assignment.


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Why does the Writer's Block Killer work?

There are three successful solutions for dealing with a writer’s block.



The first one is varying your working method. Impromptu writing or thinking about what your reader would like to read. The spell checker versus making a point to point overview of your text. Variation works: instead of multi-tasking try to do your tasks one by one. The Writer's Block Killer will give you ample opportunities for doing just that.



The second one is to use your brain efficiently. A good night’s sleep or a relaxing walk often offers a solution to your problem. Although it probably felt like you were not thinking about your problem at all, the subconscious part of your brain was working hard on finding a solution. People tend to make better choices if they alternate conscious and subconscious thinking. This is what Dutch research by the University of Nijmegen showed.


Writers write better texts if they take some time off from thinking about their texts. This is why Writer's Block Killer assignments only take ten minutes. Although it does ask you to think about your text, it asks you to do so in a different way.



The third solution is just plain coincidence. The way this works is that your brain works so fast that at the exact moment you are faced with a choice, it immediately judges, and condemns as well. Some people judge themselves before even taking an exam, just in case they fail the exam. To avoid the exam results, they oversleep, just so their brain can say: ‘It was the alarm clock! If you had been on time you would have easily passed the exam.’ If coincidence determines the assignment you get and you also only get ten minutes to do the assignment, your brain will have little opportunity to censor in advance. Your brain might think it will probably lead to nothing. And that is exactly the right state of mind for new discoveries.


This is why the Writer's Block Killer gives random assignments that you work on for only ten minutes and that alternate constantly.


The Writer's Block Killer in Dutch


The Dutch counterpart of the Writer's Block Killer is called Schrijfcarrousel®. The Schrijfcarrousel is available as an App in the App-store and as a deck of cards for working with groups.


Since it's first presentation at the convention of the Genootschap Onze Taal a growing group of teachers in the Netherlands use the cards of the Schrijfcarrousel as a new way to organise peer feedback. Why this works? Off course the three reasons above about variation, the working of the brain and coincidence apply here as well. And above that, the method with cards does something else: it reframes writingclass.


Freerk Teunissen, developper of the Writer's Block Killer gives lectures, workshops, training and he develops training methods. He is one of the founders of trainersassociation NICJ, member of Dutch association of HRD-developpers NVO2, he is ambassador of Operation Education, and he is owner of the School voor Schrijftraining.


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